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Be Pioneer

STEPVR is a leading provider of technology and service infrastructure for the metaverse. Its proprietary hardware and software products, as well as its innovative services, enable clients from various industries to transition smoothly into the metaverse age.



liberate the creative power of all mankind with metaverse technologies

Commercial Space

Entertainment, retail, tourism, training, education, real estate, office, filming, therapy

The Internet

Virtual idol liveshow, short films, virtual brand & marketing, livestream ecommerce, interactive gaming, virtual event launch


Ready Player One OASIS made real: teleport freely between the virtual and real worlds

Gates 01

Our world's first and only portal device that regenerates metaverse 5 senses for a full-fledged immersion. Inspired after the movie Ready Player One.

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All-in-one virtual avatar technology & service solution, the new metaverse traffic generator, boosting conversion and revenue for businesses.

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Free-Roam VR

Our franchised centers that feature large-space, multiplayer free-roam VR that attracts organic traffic, promotes high customer retention and conversion

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

Laser Positioning and Motion Capture

The world’s only positioning technology with sub-mm accuracy that can track an unlimitednumber of targets across thousands of square meters of space. Full body motion capture fromheadto the fingertips

Omnidirectional Treadmill

The world's first and only commercially available omnidirectional "flat" treadmill allows users to walk and run without any restrictions


The world’s first and only VR technology that incorporates robotic haptic feedback to rebuild our tactile sense in the metaverse

Established Market Success


VR Franchise Stores Launched


Customers Served


Virtual Influencers Onboarded



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